Lucknow sbps

Education should lead to the discovery and perfection of one’s capabilities and instil a commitment to serve the best interests of the community and the world as a whole.”

To understand the quoted lines in the more innovative manner our schools ASIS as well as SBPS attended the most gracious events at Lucknow CITY MONTESSORY SCHOOL.

The first event graced by our students was 2nd International Environment Olympiad 2015 held at Lucknow the Gomtinagar Branch City Montessori School. The aim of this competition was to spread the message to save the environment. The message was well conveyed by our students in the form of Street Play, they marked their presence by winning second prize and achieved trophy and medals along with certificates. It was a big platform for our students and even for the team of teachers accompanied them.

The second most influential event attended by the dual schools was CMS Confluence 2015 held at Lucknow the Nehru Nagar branch City Montessori School. Confluence means unity which is obtained by peace, so this event was organised with the aim to convey the message of peace and unity throughout the world. The students participated in various categories. ASIS bagged the second position in collage making along with a consolation prize for SBPS wherein they received trophy, medals and certificates.

The thoughts of universal peace were very innovatively instilled into the minds of all the students.
To embrace the occasion our managing director and Principals of both the schools felicitated the participants and honoured them in front of all the students to keep their flying colours at high spirits and appreciated the performance of each participant child.