Silver Bells Public School hosted its annual day celebration on 23rd December, 2016 with great pomp and splendor. The theme of the annual day was in accordance with the sanctity of the day. It was “Colours of life through Silverians’ Kaleidoscope”. The school was privileged by the presence of Mr. Harshad Patel’s family District collector Bhavnagar. The other dignitaries were guests from the royal families, principals from distinguished schools, invited guests and parents who were also present in huge numbers to encourage the children. The program was ushered in by the rendition of the prayer by the students on live music followed by the lighting of lamp invoking divine blessings. The musical ensemble punctuated the evening with captivating array of tunes. The melodious performance by the students enthralled the audience by their flair, and set the evening rolling. The anchoring done by a team of vibrant enthusiastic class twelve students was brilliant concept. The anchors took the audience into a journey, though their memories of all their twelve years of schooling. This was supported by a series of parodies on songs which were sung live on Karaoke. The evening was made more colourful with the cultural programmes. The enthralling dances depicting “Shiv Tandav” took us to a different time zone exuding the opulence and grandeur of Indian Upanishads. The props used made all the difference along with the classic choreography. Next was Bold and the Beautiful the show that aimed to bring forth the culture and tradition of India in all its glory This was followed by an item staged by the young Silverians, wherein they danced to the tunes of various songs on the theme of “Eternal love” and “Bachpan the happy days”. Next came the Primary students “Dolls and Devils in a fashion show . They added great poise and grace as they walked over the ramp along with their teachers. The annual report presented by the managing trustee Ms. Renu McLachlan traced the long strides and significant progress made in the last year of SBPS. She eloquently addressed the gathering with her views on futuristic vision and conveyed the necessity of defining one’s goal in life, looking forward to craft a bright future. The students presented their fountain of talents by presenting the dances drama on the theme “Colours of life ” which mesmerized the audience. The dance drama” Prakruti heaven on earth” a Contemporary dance was a treat to watch . The synchronized movements and the ambiance set the stage on fire. Through music and dance they inculcated Eco-friendly attitudes The play “Modi ka Magenta” reflected the essence of the present political scenario through a harmonious blend of expression, action and humour. The Nukkad Natak depicting the prevalent malice in today’s society was a riveting experience. The zing with which the students displayed fitness through Yoga in the programme “Yogic Serenity “ had the audience so inspired, that one would want to include this regime the very next day. The most riveting performance which drew an unceasing applause was the dance number” The show must go on”….which had a heart touching concept of continuing our responsibilities inspite of all the adversities in life which one may tend to come across. The show ended with a foot tapping number by the Secondary students, wherein they danced to the tunes of various songs making it a “ Bollywood Dhamaka “in true sense which captivated the crowd. During the same a power point presentation was shown which refreshed all the memories in everyone’s mind of the last academic session. With vote of thanks and the national anthem, the day ended in a beautiful resonance lingering in everybody’s minds. It was a noteworthy end to a memorable Annual Day. The entire programme was applauded by everybody present and will always remain etched in the memory of one and all.