A debate was conducted for all the four classes of standard X- A,B,C & D.
on 2nd & 3rd December 2015

Topics :
1) X – A : Should there be ban on child performers on T.V shows & films ?
2) X – B : Should Parents be held responsible for their child’s misbehavior in school or surroundings ?
3) X – C : The battle of Boards : CBSE/ ICSE BOARD
4) X – D : Which system is better Grading or the Marking for students ?

Students enthusiastically debated and discussed on the topics. A lot of sharing of ideas and view points were seen as students argued and debated to prove their point and their teams correct. Students in order to prove their points backed up the arguments with supportive documents and related videos also.

The entire effort to groom the children and prepare them for discussion was done by their English Teacher : MR. KULJEET BHATT.