Outdoor is probably the ideal place for growing ups because there the children come directly into the contact of nature. It is often noticed that children who usually play a good period of time playing outdoor games become much more physically stronger and mentally sound, then children who ideally pass their free time playing video games or watching television. Young minds should constantly be exposed to travels, to boost and enrich their intellectual base and worldview.

A school is not a four walled close room, but beyond that. Teaching learning process begins when nature combines with organic experience. Concept of educational trips incorporated in curriculum, serves the purpose of giving window to the school children to know outside world and appreciate the glamour of nature which they are a part of.

Today the students of class 2 were taken to mingle in the lap of the nature, where they enjoyed watching the aquarium ,toy house and many more. They spent their time in discovering things , enjoying playground equipment and were also briefed about the history of Bortalav lake which was built by the ruler of Gohil dynasty. This trip integrated learning of different subjects, explaining the process of purification of water from the lake to the filter plant. They had a fruitful time.

— Deepa Kanakiya