The educational trip to Nilambaugh Palace was organized on 12 February 2016 for the students of VII standard. The visit was clubbed with the Social Studies Activity. The aim of the visit was to make the students learn and appreciate our historical and heritage places in Bhavnagar. It was also to make today’s young generation realize the marvelous architectural work of state time.
Nilambaugh Palace is a symbol of generosity and nationalism in the history of India and Bhavnagar. The formation of Indian Union began with the generous giving of Bhavnagar state to independent India. It was because of this great generosity, magnanimity and feeling of nationalism, the name of Bhavnage Nilambaugh Palace is written down in the history of India in golden letters.
The students were taken round the Palace by the guide who explained in details to all the students the importance and valuable contribution of Maharajas and Palace, throughout the living history of India. The students were amazed and fascinated to see the marvelous work of architecture and planning of palace. The students were shown the different places and articles used by the Maharaja of Bhavnagar. It was clearly seen on the faces of the students, the feeling of pride as belonging to this historical city.
We thank all the VII standard teachers, Shailly Mam, Chakrapani Sir and on the top, the management for organizing this beautiful visit to give us insight in our own proud heritage.