As a part of the learning activity for the students in the Banking chapter”Money and Credit,” of economics, a session with Mr. P.N. Jikadra, the manager of Bank of Baroda was organized. The manager was invited as a guest of honour by the principal Mr. Chakrapani Estrala and the teachers of the social studies department.
The manager of the bank gave a broad idea about the working of the bank, its activities, and the contribution of the banks to the common people.
He gave a demonstration of how individual account can be opened in the banks and how different slips are used to deposit and withdraw money.
He gave some information about saving account, current account and fixed deposits. He also made the students aware about ATM, its uses and the things that need to be kept in mind for proper security of the account holders money and the transactions. . He also told in brief about scheduled banks and cooperative banks and why should we prefer scheduled banks over the cooperative banks.
The students were told about different educational loans which can be availed by the students community. And also mentioned and gave an idea about net banking that is Net Electronic Money Transfer system a facility by the bank.
This was a new exposure for the students as they had a first hand experience to learn and know about banking sector and its activities from the guest lecturer.