A group of energetic class XI Arts students expressed that they looked up to the collector Mr. Banchhanidhi Pani as a role model for themselves. So they went to meet the collector with principal Mr. Chakrapani and spoke to him over a cup of tea.

Q-1 We know your name, but can you brief us about what does it stands for ?

Ans. ‘Banchhanidhi Pani’ is one of the 108 name of Lord Krishna.’Bancha’ means desire and ‘Nidhi’ is ocean, which collectively means “Treasure house of desire” .

Q-2 How were you as a student ?

Ans. When I was young, I was never a good student. I used to love playing cricket and choose it over my studies. But when I was of your age I became serious and did exceptionally well in academics. So what matters is not how much you have studied but how much you are determined to achieve your goals in life.

Q-3 Why didn’t you pursue a career associated with your hobby? Why did you choose Civil Services in particular ?

Ans. Every hobby in life cannot be your career option. There are various other factors that decide your career than just your interest. Moreover, I choose Civil Services because serving people was what I really wanted to do.

Q-4 What is a typical day at work for you like ? Or there is nothing like ‘typical’ ?

Ans. I would say that every minute I spend at work is different. I am the Chairman of over 500 committees and hence there are endless topics that I have to deal with, making each day a unique one for me.

Q-5 As a parent, would you like your children to follow your footsteps or choose a career of their choice ?

Ans. I believe that we are parents to our children but they area gift to us from God. They are also free to choose what they want to be in future . And so, opting a career for themselves will be entirely their own decision.

Q-6 What was your initial impression about Bhavnagar? Have they changed after coming here ?

Ans. To be honest, my initial impression was not so good. However, now surely it has undergone a positive change. Bhavnagar is a progressive district and is set on the path of having a brighter future

Q-7 What message would you like to give to young aspirants like us, who wish to pursue a career in Civil Services ?

Ans. Civil Services offer an attractive and challenging career for those who aspire to contribute to the society and to the nation in general. My message to them is always value your morals more than money. When you value your morals, money will follow.

– HIGH FIVE (Vrushti, Anupama, Yash, Kiran, Heena) Class XI Arts