The Indian mathematical genius Srinivas Ramanujan was born on 22 nd December 1887. It was in recognition of his contributions to mathematics the government of India decided to celebrate Ramanujan’s birthday as the ” National Mathematics Day” every year. In accordance with the same “Ramanujan search” ( maths quiz) was organised for classes 9 th n 10 th CBSE.
The semifinal was conducted in the classes for selection of teams by Maths teachers.
The quiz was designed and conducted by senior students of class 11 science which consisted of interesting rounds like WARM UP, RAPID FIRE, WHAT’S YOUR WISH, and BUZZER ROUND . Four teams competed for the winning titles with all their wits and skills of mathematics. The tough n close competition led to a tie breaker round at the
end for final results. The event was thus given shape by Team effort of Kamal sir, sanket sir, Bhumi mam, Kheru mam and Ankur sir.

First position won by
Maharshiraj Chudasama XC
Varun Jamba X B
Simran Chauhan IX C
Swati Goyal IX

Second position won by

Aneri Shah X C
Parth Balar X A
Abhishek Raghav IX C
Shubham Kukadia IX C