Amidst independence struggle, freedom fighters use to create patriotic songs as an inspiration to the compatriots. Throughout the history, there are evidence for songs and music playing a very important role in any strike or revolution to restore morality, order and justice in the country. Every meaningful movement will have music and songs in its background for a support.

Silver Bells Public School , in the spirit of Republic Day, organized a Patriotic Singing Competition for the students of class III to V on 25TH January, 2016. All the children presented their talent and patriotism for our nation in a unique way.

Std. : 3
Winner’s Name: 3rd D – Radha Dhundh Rahi….

Stuti Dave, Heer Sanchania, Harshita Vala, Disha Sharma, Ananya Mandal, Jenil Patel, Henil Bhadiyadra, Darshit Rathod, Hitarth PAndya, Henil Parekh

Std. : 4
Winner’s Name: 4th E – Bharat Hamko Jaan Se Pyara He…

Hasti Raval, Prachi Parmar, Prapti Shah
Anjali Bhatt, Janvi Vaja, Kinza Manjiani
Priti Yadav, Pari Keshwani, Rishi Astik, Jay Manglani, Dishant Chapaneri, Bhavya Shah

Std. : 5
Winner’s Name: 5th D – Mere Desh Ki Dharti…

Shriya Poojara,Khushi Chauhan ,Krisha Shah, Alfina Shaikh, Riya Bhut, Dhruvi Shah
Prarthana Ghelda, Sholk Thakkar, Rutvij Borisagar, Krish Shah, Keval Pithadiya, Arjun Gohil, Meet Gohil, Harsh Bhatt