It is important to provide memories that could be cherished forever by children. The most important gift to be given to the young ones is nothing but giving them space to explore themselves in the lap of nature which becomes the ever lasting memories in their hearts. It is the sheer time, opportunity, and joy of being a child exploring the natural world.
We know that childhood can be a challenging time and we want our children to be well prepared for the world in which they live. An important part of providing quality education lies with children’s experiences outside of school. So our little ones of classes 1& 2 were taken to wonder in the nature at Wonderland, Ahmedabad on 13th, February 2016. The blooming buddies were so excited about being in the snow and experiencing the temperature into minus degree.
Awaiting for the trip from so long, the children reached early morning in the school. They were unable to hold their excitement and were waiting for the moment, they board the bus.
They were welcomed in the morning and at night by the Principal and the Vice Principal.
The class teachers and the subject teachers along with Sachin Sir, Nelson Sir and Jay Sir, created a stimulating environment by becoming a child and enjoying along with them. Each moment of the trip was made special for a child with dancing, singing, munching and playing during the picnic. The children enjoyed various rides like, Zip line, Aqua Ball, Crazy car and Tora Tora and of course 5 D Cinemas. They enjoyed tasty and delicious food.
They returned, refreshing tired nerves. After enjoying a picnic they felt fresh and renewed vigor. The picnic turned to be a fun and a good time of enjoyment for the students, bonding with the peers and teachers.