In today’s world, competition persists in every area. Student’s life has always been competitive and with the passage of time, completion has become more aggressive. Students have to be more focused than ever so as to succeed in their careers. Living in such stringent and straining atmosphere is not at all easy.
Refreshment is needed at frequent intervals in order to keep functioning. Excursions and picnics should always be a part of curriculum. Picnics are the perfect source of rejuvenation.

The students of classes 3,4 & 5 were taken to Wonderland, Ahmedabad on 6th February .The students grabbed the chance of socializing, bonding and rejoicing with their peers and teachers. The trip had turned to be an adventurous one where students truly enjoyed the tiny snowflakes, the heaps of snow, fun of hurling snow balls and the snowy cave which took them back to the ice age, in the freezing, minus 7.4 degree temperature. Another adventure was the zip line ride in which they really experienced like flying in the air. They also enjoyed the Aqua Ball ride, Dashing car and so on.

The co coordinator, class teachers and the subject teachers really made this trip a memorable one for the students, which would last forever in the student’s life. The students returned collecting sweet memories in their heart. They felt overwhelmed when saw they were received and welcomed by the principal at night round about 11: o’ clock.