Road safety week celebration was an initiative by the CBSE board as an awareness campaign for the citizens of the town.

As a part of this celebration a massive rally was organized by SBPS Nearly 600 students from classes eighth to tenth took part in this rally, along with their teachers.
The students marched around the city and these efforts were to spread the awareness and to ensure that people follow the traffic rules for their own safety.
Principal CBSE Mr. Chakrapani and Principal ASIS Mr. Rajendrasinh flagged off the rally, the silent March from the school premises.
The children carried placards posters slogans with messages about Road Safety and Traffic Rules for the citizens of the town.
They emphasized on safe driving , putting on seat belts, wearing helmets and following traffic rules.
The message spread was:
The program was organized and directed by the principal of the School Mr. CHAKRAPANI ESTARLA. He expressed his thanks to the teachers of Std. 8 to 10 for their co operation for the said program.