School Conduct





School Rules
Do’s and Dont’s for students.

  • Every student must bring school diary. Be a regular scholar, come to school in clean and tidy uniform.
  • Be regular in the morning assembly. Be quiet and take active part in its conduct.
  • Be an active participant in every school activity.
  • Take care of your things. Don’t loose them.
  • No students shall scratch or spoil the desks and chairs, or damage any school property, scriblle or draw on the walls or in any way damage the things that belongs to other students. Fine will be collected if found guilty.
  • Enter Home- assignments in your school almanac regularly and do the assigned work properly.
  • Follow up the corrections and suggestions made by the teacher.
  • Don’t do anything that is derogatory to your self-respect.
  • Try to excel in whatever you do, always remembering that there is scope for continuous improvement. Make the best use of the facilities that your home, your school and your country provide you.
  • The future belongs to you. Prepare yourself for the active participation in the world you live and to have a say in reshaping of the world.
  • Carrying mobile is strictly prohibited for students.
  • Students under age are not allowed to come by private vehicles.


Code of conduct for Students 

  • You should take good care of yourself.
  • Always be friendly with others.
  • You should never use vulgar language.
  • You should face problems of your life courageously.
  • You should always be helpful to others.
  • You should be honest and trustful.
  • You should always take care of the school propertym if any damage immediately inform to the class teacher.
  • You should always be fair to others.
  • You should never hesitate to say “No” when asked or temted to do a thing which is wrong.
  • You should be proud to wear your school uniform.