Our greatest Natural Resource is the minds of our children…………Walt Disney.

Today, the focus is on student centered teaching and learning. This type of activities enhances the learning process. This includes
ACTIVE LEARNING: Formulates question on their own, discuss, brainstorm in class.
INDUCTIVE LEARNING: Develop their inference and evidence-gathering and analytical skills.

As a part of formative assessment students of class IX (CBSE) conducted an integrated English and Maths activity, A survey on oral hygiene in age group of 8 to 10 yrs was done on the students of the primary school. Students framed the question of the questionnaire, interrogated the students enhancing their communication skills, exhibited their maths talent by doing tally, mean, median, bar graph etc. Report writing was done by interpreting and analyzing the data collected. A written feedback form was designed to be given to the parents of the primary students.