As you enter the main campus, a large reception area with a Chinese garden appeals to the eye. To the right is the main reception, and further on a recreational area for basketball and volleyball. After the courts a grand stage towers over the far side of the campus. The left side of the ground is where Silver Bells is situated, and further on an area with lucious green grass, plants and trees where students can sit for recreation or for further study. As you carry on walking through the grounds, a full size sports field is located. To the left is the horse stables which currently hold around 12 horses.

Modern Science Lab

The Science Laboratories were constructed with safety in mind. They contain all the latest inventory for Chemistry, Physics, and Biological studies.

Computer Centre

All computers within the lab have Internet access, and the centre has a full time member of staff at hand for help and supervision. Students, if required can also access the Internet through their own personal laptops as it is locked down with a secure safety policy to make personal usage safe and clean.


The school has a library collection of books for the primary and secondary section. A wide variety of magazines, periodicals, journals and newspapers can also be subscribed for the student’s individual requirements.

Dance/Music Hall and Stage

A dance/music hall and stage is available for events and teaching of traditional and modern art. This is managed by a highly competent and professional arts faculty.

TATA Class Edge E-Learning Educational Boards

A high-tech media suite has recently been constructed for the students, for conferences and lectures.

Dining Facility

The dining facility caters for 800 students, and has a wide variety of Indian food which varies from day to day. All food is of the highest standard and is high in nutritional value. Healthy snacks are served at recreational periods, and a main meal for lunchtime. For boarders, breakfast and an evening meal is also provided.

Boarding Facilities

Boarding facilities are available, with a full time member of staff always at hand for every student’s needs.

Sports Facilities

A full size basketball court and volleyball area overlook the main grounds. There is also an area for Cricket, Football and Athletic recreation, as well as an indoor play area for all primary and secondary students. All sports are competed at local and state level.

Horse Riding (Major Ravubha Gohil Riding School)

Horse riding lessons are available on request for all students with no extra charge. The school currently own 12 horses all of different age, which have been trained by the staff from birth and are kept in stables on the school premises.