“ Books are the windows through which soul looks out.”

On 19th December 2015 the students of class 11th Arts ( Yash, Vrushti, Anupama, Heena, Kiran ), visited Gandhi Smruti Library with Mr. Chakrapani Estarla, the Political Science teacher.The aim was to explore the students to the abundance of books available there and emphasise their importance and to provide exposure to the subject out of their daily textbook learning.The students explored the original editions of books on the constitutional and parliamentary debates along with famous writing of various personalities including Dr. Br Ambedkar, Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru.

Psychology , History , Anthropology , Sociology , Political Science , Literature , Performing Arts , Science And Mathematics are few of the various subjects on which hundreds of books are owned by the library.

Also, the library is well equipped with current parliamentary debates books. Furthermore, the students also got a chance to know more about the history of the library by the librarian. They also had interaction with the readers present there in library who very amiably shared their experience about benefits of being daily visitor of the library.

The students also visited the Barton Museum to gain knowledge about the history of Bhavnagar. They saw ancient coins, sculptures, manuscripts, tools and other similar things. The museum proved to be a amazing source of visual understanding of how people led their lives in the past.

All the five students created an account in the library and vowed to get best possible benefits from the vast knowledge present there.This small visit to the Gandhi Smruti proved to be a fun-learning experience for the students.