Debate Competition | Class 7 (2021)

A Debate Competition was held online for classes 7 as an Inter Class activity for silver Bells Public school (CBSE). Topic for class 7 was E-Learning- A substitute for classroom learning. Students participated with a great experience of learning with regards to the current situation they were able to justify the role very accurately. communication is an essential part of a student’s life, Debate assist them to build up the confidence to speak out in society and represent their views.
The judge for the event was Mr. Kuldip Bhatt. The winners were judged on the basis of the following criteria.
organization and clarity, use of arguments, use of examples and facts, use of Rebuttal, presentation style. The winners were:

  1. Keshvi Trivedi (7B)
  2. Pahal Vaidya (7A)
  3. Vaibhav Sachdavani (7A), Kartavya Dave (7C)

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