Declamation Competition (2021)

Students of grade 5 of Silver Bells Public School had the opportunity to display their talents and discover a new side of them when they enthusiastically participated in an ‘English Declamation Competition’.

The Declamation Contest was organized on 6th January 2021. It was aimed to develop communication skills and promote critical thinking among the students. This competition also served as a platform to promote an exchange of ideas among the students.

The purpose is to have the students directly experience the power of a masterfully crafted language. The meticulous speech of the orators left everyone spellbound. They were very expressive, confident, and had good intonation.

The participants were judged by Ms. Jyoti Rathod and Ms. Donna Gohil, on their command over the subject, presentation skills, and confidence level.

Trisha Maheshwari

Preksha Rajpura

Click here – Anushka KadamDeclamation Competition – Class 5

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