Digi Pro Quiz Competition

A Digi Pro Quiz competition was organised on 25.10.21 in the school premises of Silver Bells Public School. The event witnessed enthusiastic preparation and participation.

A semifinal round through edusprint+ app was held on 21.10.21 for all the students of class 3 to 5. The teams were finalised after the selection from all the classes. The teams were named after the man made satellites, comprised of twelve participants from class 3 to 5, the quiz masters of the event were Ms Neha Padia and Ms Alifiya Noorani.

The quiz entailed 4 rounds-Priliminary round, Visual round, Buzzer round and Rapid fire round.
Thank you all of the entrants for helping make the contest a success. Our school encourages positive competition and hopes to bring out the best in all its students through such competitive events while ensuring that the children learn through all possible ways-not just through books and classroom teaching.

The winners of the Digi Pro Quiz* competition:

👉 First place-Team -2 (Sputnik)
Participants of Sputnik:
-Daksha Biradar
-Nisarg Mehta
-Angel Langaliya

👉 Second place-Team -4(Apollo)
Participants of Apollo :
-Pearl Soni
-Nikhilesh Pal
-Ramya Vadher

💐A huge congratulations to all the winners.

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