Family Dance Competition (May – 2021)

Family Dance Competition (May - 2021)

Dance is art , paint your dream and follow it.“– Steven Thompson

On 29th of April 2021 Silver Bells Public School had organized International Dance Day Competition for std 1and 2. It was Family Dance Competition. All the participants were very energetic and performed their dance forms enthusiastically. They dressed beautifully according to their songs. Young learners were thrilled to be a part of colourful, vibrant and energizing event. Hands, feet and bodies, dressed in colourful costumes, twirled and flipped.

The judge for this event was Ms Deepali Zaveri. The judge appreciated the outstanding performance by the students.

Children who grabed the badges are
1st Ruhi Shah 1A
2nd Yug Dave 1B
3rd Manasvi Chauhan 1C

Std 2
1st kausha Raval 2A
2nd Dhyana Kathiya 2C and Tisha Thakkar 2B
3rd Naksh Sahitya 2C and Kashvi Shah 2B

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