Hindi Doha Competition (Jan-2021)

Doha is a very old “verse-format” of Indian poetry. It is an independent verse, a couplet. The meaning of the doha is complete in itself.

A doha has two lines, each having 13+11n morae and with its last words ending in a rhyme. It has been one of the shortest ways to express lessons of life by poets of Hindi literature. A doha recitation competition was organized on January 27, 2021 at school for the students of class 5.
The enthusiasm showed by the students to prepare for this event was appreciable.

We wish to congratulate the winners and the mentor teacher Vaishali ma’am from the Hindi department.

1st Position: Manya Singh
2nd Position: Bhumi Yadav
3rd Position: Yashva Raval
Consolation: Naman Singh Raj Purohit
Consolation: Anish Sidhwani

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