Hindi Grammar Quiz Competition

Hindi Grammar Quiz Competition

Learning Hindi grammar rules can be considered the cornerstone of the language and might take a while to learn them. Learning grammar creates a sturdy foundation to help students completely learn Hindi in no time. We at SBPS conducted Hindi Grammar Quiz Competition to let the students learn these grammar rules to build confidence and have fun learning Hindi.

We congratulate the winning teams and the participating students. Our appreciation to the mentor teachers Ms. Neelam Khanna, Ms. Vaishali Jadav and Ms.Trupti from the Hindi Department.

Winning Teams :

First Position:
1.Shraddha Shri (4 C)
2.Meetraj Vagela (4 D)
3.Vansh Limbdiya (4 A)

Second Position
Team – A
1.Dhyey Bagthaliya (4 A)
2.Pushprajsinh Gohil (4 B)
3.Suhan Senta 4 (4 C)

Third Position
Team- D
1.Hetvi Bhatt (4B)
2.Jayveer Khorasiya (4D)
3.Arish Deraiya (4 C)

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