Hindi Rhymes Recitation Competition

Hindi Rhymes Recitation Competition

Children love to express their thoughts poems and rhymes. Keeping this in mind this activity was selected for the students of class one. They recited poems on vegetables and fruits as this was the theme. They emphasised the importance of fruits and vegetables in a balanced diet and in keeping good health.

Congratulations to the winners and the mentor teachers Ms.Vibha, Ms. Nayna, and Ms. Neelam of Hindi department.

Winners of poem recitation competition:

First position
1A. Meet Rajai
1B. Tisha Thakkar
1C. Dhayana Kathiya
1D. Rudraba Dodiya

Second position
1A. Krishiv Paramar
1B. Pranshu Meshiya
1C.Krupaliba Zala
1D.Rayyan Sheikh

Third position
1A. Riya Vajani
1B. Hetvi Soni
1C.Anshi Lashkari
1D. Aaysa Kalva
1D. Yatri Paramar

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