Mathematics Genius Search (Class 9 & 10)

Mathematics Genius Search

MATHEMATICS is not about numbers, equations, computations and algorithms : it is about UNDERSTANDING”
William Paul Thurston.

A little competition can inspire math students to greater achievement. It challenges students to use their math skills in new and creative ways. It also provides a challenging and engaging mathematical experience [that] is both competitive and educational. As a part of extended learning Mathematics Genius Search was conducted in our school on 7th August 2021. Students of class 9 and class 10 participated in the Quiz. There were three rounds.

The first round “Joy in Mathematics” was an online compulsory round, The second round “Scratch your Head” had the top 55 students total from class 9 and Class 10. The third round “Flex your Brain” in which total of 22 students were selected, it had puzzle, riddles and brain twisters. There were time constraints for each round.

The main objective of the quiz was to encourage children to look beyond their textual knowledge and test their mathematical, aptitude, logical reasoning, and problem-solving.

The quiz was conducted by Ms. Khairunnisa Ma’am.

Winners of the competition :

Class 9
1st Jainil Patel (9 A)
2nd Rehan Meghani (9A)
3rd Het Sonani (9C)

Class 10
1st Isha Shah(10A)
2nd Md. Samin Lakhni (10A)
3rd Het Dholakiya (10A)

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