Message from Principal

Message from principal

Mr. Chakrapani Esterla

We welcome you into our world at Silver Bells Public School (SBPS) an institute promote meaningful and joyful learning. A school where scholastic and co-scholastic activities are closely interwoven in to the curricular fabric. A home away from home where students and teachers share a relationship of mutual trust, respect and affection.

Our CBSE Board curriculum caters to the holistic development of children integrating sports, fine arts, yoga & martial arts, environmental awareness, value and attitude life skills and technology with scholastic subjects. Student’s assessment is based on 21st century skill development.

An inclusive and progressive school like SBPS lays strong emphasis on personalization, meeting diverse needs providing equal opportunities for learning and maintaining high standards of achievement at all levels. The secure environment of SBPS provides children with opportunities to learn, explore, play, discover their hidden talent and make informed choices.

Schooling by nature is a social and cultural undertaking. As the world shrinks and barriers are broken, our student join hands with their counterparts across the country & the world by working together on multiple area. Through international Exchange program, social responsibility initiative, human rights issue environment conservation program, cultural exchange programs and projects. They learn invaluable life lessons on diversity, equality, tolerance and acceptance.

Empower with a strong sense of well being, we are confident that our students will emerge as responsible global leader and citizens with strong moral, ethical and social values.

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