Message from Vice-principal

Message from vice-principal

Ms. Shailly Jain

We all have been entrusted to shoulder the great responsibility of nurturing the children who are mini Ganeshas. At every step we need to see that their purity innocence and wisdom is established and maintained in all respect. We need to contribute to their growth in all four dimensions i.e. physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual. Gradually inculcating the core human value of love, co-operation, respect and kindness towards all.

We have started the concept of individual monitoring and counseling for the weaker students. The School Management has always taken keen interest, providing qualitative infrastructure, encouragement and unflinching support in growing and marching ahead in all avenues of the school’s functioning. We are indeed grateful to the parents for reposing year after year, such complete confidence and entrusting their children to us to mould them to worthy citizens of the society.

Let’s all join together in their journey of life to make it meaningful.

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