Poetry of Indian Poets Contest (Class 6)

As we all know, the poem is meant for enjoyment. Beauty is the realm of poetry, the children enjoy the beauty of expression, thoughts, feeling, rhyme, rhythm, and music of words. Taking all these facts into consideration, the students of class 6 got an opportunity to exhibit their talent and confidence in Poetry Recitation Competition on 28th January 2021.

Students chose a variety of topics for their recitation like nature, flower, mother, unity in diversity etc, and expressed with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm.

The competition was judged by Mrs.Donna Gohil and Mrs. Jyoti Rathod on the criterias; Voice and Articulation, Accuracy, Interpretation, and Overall Performance.

1st position:
Krish Shah: 6th A
Dwiti Vyas: 6th A

2nd position:
Shristi Mehta: 6th A
3rd position
Vibhutiba Jadeja: 6th C

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