Thanda Thanda Cool Cool – Competition

Thanda Thanda Cool Cool - Competition

On 14th June, 2021 Silver Bells Public school had organized Thanda Thanda Cool Cool 😎 competition using different fruits , for the students of class 2. The competition was organised such that the kids did the task in their homes with the help of their family members.

The competition was a huge success with entries. The students made Aam Panna, watermelo🍉 kiwi sharbat etc. They made creative eye-catching cold beverages . It was an opportunity for them to display their talent and creativity. It was indeed a fun-filled online activity.

Chef Megha was the judge of the event. She is the well known chef of Mumbai. Now runs a very well known catering service ‘Dine catering ‘in a city of Bhavnagar.

Children who grabed the badges are

Winners of Std 1
First Position :- Yug Dave — 1st – B
Second Position :- Aindree Lohani—1st – A
Third Position :- Jaitra Purohit 1st — A

Winners of Std 2
First Position :- –Kashvi Shah 2nd – B
Second Position :- Dhyana Kathiya–2nd – C
Manveer Keshwala 2nd- B
Third Position :- Sanyam Advani 2- nd — C

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